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- About Town Square -

A massive project called Town Square was unveiled in Dubai in early March 2015. The 750-acre complex is situated along Al Qudra Road and will eventually include 18,000 apartments and 3,000 townhouses. The entire project will be developed over a ten-year period, according to the developer, NSHAMA. A central public area the size of 16 football fields, more than 500 shop establishments, a movie theatre run by Reel Cinemas, and a Vida Hotel would all be included in the construction. 

Affordably luxurious living is the norm in Town Square. Town Square is a pleasant suburban neighborhood built for contemporary living, and it is situated on Al Qudra Road. Town Square has raised the bar for premium residential complexes in Dubai by offering a distinctive blend of amenities and services. The neighborhood has a reputation for being one of Dubai’s most popular residential neighborhoods since it provides a wide range of housing options and a lively, contemporary lifestyle.

What Makes Living in Town Square an option?

Town Square’s charming gated community atmosphere, beautiful neighborhood parks, and shady walks are just a few of the factors contributing to its appeal. Town Square offers an outstanding choice for people looking to purchase flats in Dubai, with selling prices that are significantly lower than those of the rest of Dubai.

For residents and foreigners looking for opulent townhouses and flats for rent at costs that are comparably lower than those in other similar neighborhood’s in Dubai, Town Square is a top choice.

Even though Town Square is located outside of Dubai’s central city, its residents value the area’s tranquilly and fresh air above all else. It is Dubai’s most southern residential neighborhood, and to the north it is surrounded by Motor City, Remraam, and Arabian Ranches.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to purchase or rent real estate in Town Square. To assist you in determining whether this is a good option for you, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of living in Town Square. Apartments and townhouses for sale in Town Square are sure to produce exceptional returns even if you’re an investor seeking for profitable properties in Dubai, especially given the expanding popularity of adjacent Expo City Dubai.

- Town Square's benefits and drawbacks -

Before relocating, one should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each residential neighborhood in Dubai. Similar to this, there are certain benefits and drawbacks to residing in Town Square. You may choose more wisely between renting or purchasing a home in the region if you have a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of Town Square.

Benefits of Living in Town Square:

Let’s start by examining the advantages of residing in Town Square.

Wonderful Combination of Affordable Properties:- There are many homes available in Town Square that can suit your lifestyle and housing needs if you contemplate relocating there. The neighborhood is separated into smaller neighborhood’s, each of which offers a range of flats, villas, and townhouses for rent and purchase.

There are 1, 2, and 3 beds available in the modern flats in Town Square. The gated neighborhoods is well-liked by single people searching for studio apartments in Dubai. Townhouses in the region come with 3 or 4 bedrooms. Numerous elegant villas with gardens and swimming pools and 3 or 4 bedrooms are also available.

For those looking to rent inexpensive properties in Dubai, Town Square is becoming more and more popular. Families and individuals who want to leave the bustle of Dubai’s city life favour the community in particular. Modern flats, classy townhouses, and opulent villas are available for rent in this area. Compared to homes in other nearby neighborhood’s, the rents here are reasonable. Townhouses in Town Square can be rented for as little as 105k AED annually. The base rent for an apartment at Town Square is AED 23k for a studio. Rental villas in Town Square start at AED 125k for people seeking larger residences.


Family-friendly Community:- You can select a home that is perfect for your family and way of life because there are houses of different sizes available. Town Square was specifically designed to give locals a space where they may find work-life balance. This tranquil suburban neighborhood has great playgrounds for children, parks for community use, shady walks, and bike lanes for internal transportation. Additionally, the neighborhood of Reem and Arabian Ranches both have eateries nearby. Mudon and Dubai Studio City both include gyms and fitness centres. 

To summarise, everyone in the family may keep a healthy modern lifestyle. In addition, Town Square will soon include stylish boutique hotels and about 500 retail establishments to meet locals’ fundamental needs for entertainment and shopping.


Tranquil Living:- Living in Town Square is Calm Life in Town Square is Calm. Town Square, one of the most popular locations to rent townhouses in Dubai, is perfect for families wanting a quiet lifestyle. 

In addition to offering a variety of residences, the community is self-sufficient and has a wealth of services and amenities built for a comfortable lifestyle. 

This private neighborhood in Dubai is close to Al Qudra Lake and is studded with lush, green gardens and stunning waterworks. Town Square promises quiet surroundings, free from noise and air pollution, away from the main metropolis. This neighborhood is perfect for people who prefer a slower pace of life while yet enjoying a luxurious, up-to-date lifestyle and the benefits of communal living.

Drawbacks of Residing in Town Square

Most people find Town Square to be an appealing community because of its advantages. Before moving to Town Square, there are a few things you should take into account.

Longer Commute to Other Areas:- Town Square’s suburban location ensures that there will be less traffic, noise, and pollution. However, it distances the neighborhood from Dubai’s major commercial and entertainment districts. One of the biggest drawbacks of residing in Town Square might be this. Business Bay is more than 30 minutes distant from this peaceful neighborhood. The travel time to D3 and Dubai Internet City might be up to 30 minutes.

Town Square is not far from popular entertainment hubs including Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island, and JBR. You can get to Dubai Sports City in 20 minutes. These journey times could go up much more based on the flow of traffic. The bottom line is that you should evaluate the commute times and distances when thinking about moving to Town Square before making a choice.

Inadequate public transportation:- Town Square inhabitants appreciate the abundance of parking spots because practically all of them own private vehicles. Those who rely on public transportation might find the location of Town Square to be bothersome.

Lack of public transportation and the community’s distance from the main city might make commuting challenging for anyone without a personal vehicle. The Sustainable City is home to the closest bus station, which is over 10 minutes away. The distance to the closest metro station, which is at Dubai Internet City, is 30 minutes.

Limited Amenities:- Town Square is only a residential neighborhood in Dubai. As a result, the neighborhood lacks amenities including schools, hospitals, and other facilities. However, the majority of these facilities are still close by in neighboring towns.

The Jebel Ali School is little over ten minutes’ drive from the DAMAC Hills neighborhood, making it convenient for families with children.

The closest hospital is Aster Clinic in Arabian Ranches, which is ten minutes’ drive from Town Square. The closest mosque is in Reem, and the closest church is at Jebel Ali.

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